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Query Server Not Responding

Once I’ve got the problem “Query Server Not Responding” on Sharepoint 2010 Search.

Checked the event viewer, there are error Event ID 92 with detail message : The network name cannot be found.   0x80070043Propagation for search application e4d5368b-8d75-4f18-8e3c-38108cc11013-crawl-0: failed to communicate with query server e4d5368b-8d75-4f18-8e3c-38108cc11013-query-0.

Then I got this info from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee513077.aspx : …examine the query component on the query server and make sure that the share exists and is writable from the crawler.

So I checked Network Setting and found the “File and Printer Sharing..” and “Client for Microsoft Networks” was Off, I turned them On  and the problem became disappear.

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