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Cascading Dropdown in DotNetNuke

I am newbie in DNN. Below is how to set cascading dropdown in DNN using XModPro (Module  from http://www.dnndev.com) , that I got from http://www.lobag.ch/DesktopModules/XModPro/help/form_dropdownlist.html . In addition I add AppendDataBoundItems (just like in ASP.Net DropdownList control), here it is :

<SubmitCommand CommandText=”INSERT INTO Contacts(ContactName,Country,Region)
VALUES(@ContactName,@Country,@Region)” />
<ControlDataSource id=”dsCountries”
CommandText=”SELECT Text, EntryID FROM Lists WHERE ListName=’Country’ ORDER BY Text”/>
<ControlDataSource id=”dsRegions”
CommandText=”SELECT Text, Value FROM Lists WHERE ParentID=@ParentID”>
<Parameter name=”ParentID” />

<Label for=”ddlCountries” text=”Country” />
<DropdownList id=”ddlCountries” DataField=”Country” DataType=”string”
DataTextField=”Text” DataValueField=”EntryID” DataSourceId=”dsCountries”
TargetDataSourceId=”dsRegions” ParameterName=”ParentID” TargetControlId=”ddlRegions” AppendDataBoundItems=”True” ><ListItem Value=”” selected=”true”>Please Choose</ListItem></DropDownList>

<Label for=”ddlRegions” text=”Region” />
<DropdownList id=”ddlRegions” DataField=”Region” DataType=”string”
DataTextField=”Text” DataValueField=”Value” DataSourceId=”dsRegions” AppendDataBoundItems=”True” ><ListItem Value=”” selected=”true”>Please Choose</ListItem></DropDownList>

<AddButton text=”Add” /> &nbsp;<CancelButton text=”Cancel” />


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