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dd/MM/yyyy in DotNetNuke

It’s not easy formating datetime in dd/MM/yyyy in DotNetNuke ( in XModPro Module Form ). Finally I could do that with setting culture to fr-FR (France). I’ve got this clue from somewhere in the internet that I’ve forgot where the address is. Here is the complete code:

<div class=”xmp-form-row”>
<Label CssClass=”xmp-form-label NormalBold” For=”BirthDate”>
Tanggal Lahir
<DateInput Id=”BirthDate” DataField=”BirthDate” DataType=”datetime” Format=”dd/MM/yyyy” culture=”fr-FR”>
<CalendarImage ImageUrl=”~/DesktopModules/XModPro/images/calendar.jpg” Style=”margin-left:5px;” Target=”BirthDate” Format=”dd/MM/yyyy”>

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